Sports Injuiries

Acupuncture and Sports Injury

Injury at jogging and running.

A growing number of professional and top amateur athletes visit an acupuncturist at the Pacific Wellness Institute for the treatment of injuries with acupuncture and to help optimize their conditioning. If you are wondering how acupuncture treatment can help your acute or chronic sports injury, contact them at the clinic today.

Acute Injury Treatment

Sprain and strain of the joint and surrounded tissue are one of the most common sports related injuries (sprain involves the ligament and strain involves muscle or tendon). Besides pain, the typical inflammatory response may include swelling of the injured area, redness or purple skin discoloration, and reduced range of motion of the joint. In addition to conventional R.I.C.E (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) treatment, many athletes have found acupuncture treatment to be very helpful in suppressing inflammation and swelling fast.

Prolonged inflammation can cause scar tissue formation and may prevent regain of proper joint mobility. Our acupuncturists utilize an innovative approach to reduce acute inflammation involving local kryo application (ice or ice bar massage) and distant superficial guiding acupuncture with moxibution heat. This approach provides remarkably fast reduction of inflammation and swelling in many cases.

Once the acute inflammation and swelling has been reduced substantially, he often utilizes another innovative approach called Dynapuncture. Returning to exercise activity too soon after an injury can lead to repeated injuries of the damaged tissue. However, returning to controlled motion early can promote proper healing. Dynapuncture helps enhance restoration of healthy joint functioning while reducing pain. Proper nutritional supplementation may also be necessary to ensure proper tissue healing.