Acupuncture, Shiatsu and Pregnancy Related Symptoms

By Emily Crown-Robinson, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

Certified Shiatsu Therapist

Portrait of pregnant woman relaxing at home.

If you are wondering how acupuncture and other alternative medicine treatments such as shiatsu can help you cope with the symptoms of pregnancy, contact the alternative health professionals at the Pacific Wellness Institute. They will help enlighten you as to what options are available.

Shiatsu is very beneficial for mother and baby during pregnancy. If the mother-to-be has any pre-existing conditions such as headache, neck and shoulder tension, digestive problems (to name a few examples), a series of shiatsu treatments can help to prevent symptoms naturally. This way the mother will not necessarily have to take medication during the pregnancy. As stated below, treatments can also ease symptoms that arise during the pregnancy.

Expectant mothers will appreciate the benefits of Shiatsu during each of the trimesters for different reasons.

The First Trimester can often be accompanied by nausea, fatigue, anxiety and edema. Localized treatments encourage healthy circulation and are designed to be emotionally reassuring and relaxing during these first few months in particular.

During the Second Trimester the growing uterus displaces and compresses intestines, nerve endings and impedes circulation. This often leads to constipation, leg cramps and further edema. The treatment is focused on the back to relieve tension in the abdominal organs and to restore circulation to these areas.

During The Third Trimester the body drastically changes to accommodate the baby. The symptoms are generally a culmination of all the above with the addition of both upper and lower back ache, as well as headaches. Expectant mothers appreciate treatment during this time the most, as a way to restore energy and promote relaxation. Working primarily on the lower body, the treatments are tailored to ease sore muscles through careful stretching and gentle pressure points.

Shiatsu therapy can help make pregnancy a less stressful experience by promoting an easier labor as well as balancing the body throughout. As your body changes to accommodate the new baby, my treatment style will change to accommodate you. By employing the methods listed above, I can ensure a safe, relaxing and effective experience for both mother and child.

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