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Hand2 Quest for the Acupuncture Point – WHO Standardized Locations
August 26, 2008

Hand2 Body Symmetries and Muscle Coordination

April 2, 2007
Hand2 Moxibustion in North American Acupuncture: Historical Perspective
Dec 14, 2006

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Sep 1, 2006

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Sep 1, 2006

Hand2 Science of Breath: What is the ideal respiration rate?
April 17, 2006

Hand2 Back Injury Prevention: Well and Lesser Known Reasons Why You Should Bend Your Knees
Dec 12, 2005

Hand2 Acupuncture Enhances Blood Flow
Oct 25, 2005

Hand2 Create Balance with Acupuncture and Breathing
Sept 16, 2005

Hand2 Research: Acupuncture Treatment Provided Significant Relief for Migraine and Tension Headache Sufferers
Aug 19, 2005