12 Ways to Eat Healthy During The Holidays

People eating roasted chicken and drinking red wine at Christmas dinner
You can enjoy the time spent with loved ones without sabotaging your health goals.

The Christmas season often involves reconnecting with family and friends over high-fat, high-calorie goodies, leaving you feeling guilty once the season ends.

You can enjoy the time spent with loved ones without sabotaging your health goals. It takes conscious effort and some self-control, but you’ll be glad when the holidays are over that you got through the festivities without kicking your diet to the curb.


  1. Don’t think that you are saving calories when you skip breakfast. It helps to keep hunger at bay and reduces the chance of over indulging in high-calorie snacks between meals.


  1. Don’t skip meals to compensate for over indulgence the night before. Getting back on track with your healthy eating plans is vital to ensure you get the nutrients your body needs throughout the


  1. Offer to bring a scrumptious salad or vegetable side dish to the festivities. That way, you know there will be something healthy and diet friendly on the table.


  1. Take along a healthy, easy-to-carry snack to munch on between the main meals. (An orange, a banana or a bag of nuts will do).


  1. Join in the conversation and socialize as you eat – it will slow down your consumption and give your body enough time to signal when it is full.


  1. Choose lean meat (turkey or ham) and vegetables before the fatty and sugary options. Leave those for seconds when you’re already partially full and less likely to overdo it.


  1. Prevent spikes in your blood sugar level by having a healthy snack or small meal every three to four hours, instead of eating a single large meal.


  1. Have antioxidant rich green tea with your dessert (or in place of it). It’s good for you and fills you up so you are less likely to take that second slice of pie.


  1. Choose red wine for the great phytochemicals they contain or carbonated water with a slice of lime and a few mint leaves, instead of sugary cocktails loaded with calories.


  1. If you consume alcohol, ensure you eat regular meals to help your body better cope with its effects. Also, alternate your alcoholic beverage with a non-alcoholic one to lessen your intake.


  1. Socialize away from the buffet table, so you are less likely to become a victim of recreational eating.


  1. Fit physical activity into your days to use up some of the extra calories you’re consuming. This can be an exercise routine, a leisurely walk or playing with the children.



Moderation is the key to enjoying the happy holidays – so go ahead and try the not-so-healthy stuff on the table– just don’t get stuffed.