Natural Treatment for Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection

Natural Treatment for Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection

Acupuncture May Be the Answer!

Do you feel burning sensations or urgency during urination? Does your urine have pungent foul smell? Or any signs of abdominal cramps and severe pain during intercourse? If answers to all of these questions are positive then maybe you have a urinary tract infection and its time to have proper check up by a skilled medical practitioner. Moreover, if you have faced these symptoms twice over a span of last 6 – 12 months then its recurrent urinary tract infection and you must take treatment as it’s a very alarming health condition.

Medical science has been advancing at a very fast pace but still there is no satisfactory treatment for recurrent urinary tract infections. Most antibiotics have various side-effects and are susceptible to develop resistant bacteria in the body. Perhaps, this is the key reason that most of the patients prefer natural treatment, since it involves fewer risks and more benefits. So if you are diagnosed with recurrent urinary tract infection, then it will be wise to go for a natural treatment.

There are so many natural treatments for recurrent urinary tract infections with their specific set of benefits and risks. However, the most popular and effective natural treatments are Herbal extracts, Homeopathic medicines, Probiotic supplements and Acupuncture. Let’s know about their brief details:

  • Herbal Extracts like green tea, Uva-ursi, milk thistle, cranberry juice and corn silk are known to have amazing therapeutic effects for recurrent urinary tract infections. However, its quite tricky to have right ratio of some herbs as excessive or any wrong dosage can result in potential risks to your overall health. So, its advisable that you consult any natural medicine practitioner before taking any herbal treatment.
  • In homeopathic medicine, there are so many different treatments available depending upon the different kinds of symptoms faced by patients. A professional homeopathic practitioner will always take into account your specific symptoms, overall physical and emotional health, then he will prescribe you a oroper Cantharis, Aconitum, Pulsatilla and Nux Vomica are among most common homeopathic remedies for recurrent urinary tract infections.
  • Probiotic supplements are another effective natural treatment for recurrent urinary tract infections. Probiotics are natural microorganisms which are beneficial for health and prevent urinary tract infections. However, currently there are not enough studies that could support effectiveness of this natural treatment for recurrent urinary tract infections.
  • So far, acupuncture is considered as the most effective natural treatment for recurrent urinary tract infections. Recent studies have supported its effectiveness and also gave evidence that acupuncture has the capability to prevent recurrent urinary tract infections in the adult women. If your acupuncturist is skilled then the risks are very low and the benefits are very rewarding. Some acupuncturists also prescribe traditional Chinese medicine formulas such as Choreito (Zhu Ling Tang), Gorinsan (Wu Lin San) or other herbal medicine to treat urinary symptoms in conjunction with acupuncture.

Your choices decide the fate of your life, so choose the best natural treatment and save yourself a lot of trouble. All above mentioned natural treatments can be effective but acupuncture may stand out in its ability to treat as well as prevent recurrent urinary tract infections. Even it has good history of treating cystitis in women suffering from recurrent urinary tract infections. This is safe and probably the best alternative for antibiotics, so stop wasting your time and energies in taking treatments that won’t work. Start doing the obvious, be safe and healthy again!

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